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Women's Bitcoin Pill Tank

Women's Bitcoin Pill Tank

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The perfect tank for the orange-pilled lady. A faded off-sand-gold to show it's the hard money of the past. A cure to the spiritual malaise caused by the time theft of our life force energy being stolen by cantillionaires debasing usury laden fiat.

The Kanji inside of the pill means, “Satoshi”. The first character represents, “Wise, Sage, Philosopher”. Sychronistic, for he is a sage-like philosopher, leading us to a world of truth and freedom. Non-discriminating, permissionless, anonymous, borderless, of no color nor creed. The second character represents, “History, Chronicle”. And a wise history, indeed, is that of the Timechain.

Gradually, then suddenly. Subtle, yet impactful. This premium apparel is the perfect fit for the rogue money enthusiast.

• Limited Edition Item

• Comfy Fit True To Size

• Colors: Black Tee. Sand Print (no shimmer)

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