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Collection: Simply Bitcoin Artist Collection 01 (Asanoha)

Simply Bitcoin has launched a new initiative partnering with Bitcoin artists to showcase their proof-of-work. The first artist collection is a collaboration between Simply Bitcoin & Asanoha. We made this with the intention of creating gear we want to wear ourselves.

About Asanoha

Asanoha, currently finishing his first year of a tattoo apprenticeship, works primarily by hand with oil based metallic paint pen, acrylic and canvas. He creates fine art serigraphy, and also utilizes a variety of digital tools and other mixed mediums. He only creates physical artwork, and does not make any form of NFT's, ordinals or inscriptions. Asanoha works to conceptualize the mystery of bitcoin in an elegant fashion, while promoting the sound money values of integrity, morality, proof-of-work and honesty.

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